Lean Galvanizing™

Our propietary Lean Six Sigma methodology for Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Our results in 2020

56% zinc savings

76% efficiency improvement

Zn 99,995%

Our experts in metallic coatings have been working throughout Spain, Europe, Latin America, North Africa and Asia for more than a decade. They know meticulously the reality of the Hot-Dip Galvanizing plants and the importance of establishing a work culture based on eliminating activities that do not add value. To do this, they ensure a correct planning of the production process, introduce statistical control in all processes, carry out optimal quality control of the bathrooms, adequately train staff, etc.

At LSSQ CONSULTING we know that between a galvanizing plant and an efficient galvanizing plant there must be methodologies for continuous improvement and process control. Only in this way, a visible reduction in costs can be carried out, achieving greater economic profitability for the company. For this reason, we have adapted Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies to the real and operational needs of Hot-Dip Galvanizing plants, thanks to our deep knowledge of the galvanizing practice. The union of these two characteristics is what distinguishes our Lean Galvanizing™.


La casa Lean Galvanizing
  • We implement best practices in galvanizing, adjust them to your installation and train personnel, redefining the procedures of the management system.
  • We improve the processes one by one, checking their effectiveness and added value, thus determining operational inefficiencies. We carry out reengineering in case it is the only viable solution.
  • We eliminate everything that does not add value and slows down the Hot-Dip Galvanizing plant. We control the flows of material and information, leveling the production and focusing the process on customers’ requirements.
  • We reduce and free up resources (time, materials, money) to add value to your Hot-Dip Galvanizing plant.
  • We migrate your Hot-Dip Galvanizing plant to a 4.0 paradigm with a exclusive propietary ERP/CRM.



  • Our advice improves all the chemical and operational processes present in the hot-Dip Galvanizing plant.
  • We update all procedures and work instructions to correct or adapt them in the most efficient way according to the characteristics of the plant.
  • Once the chemical baths are adjusted, we apply statistical control to the processes. The quality personnel are trained in basic statistical procedures and 7H (seven quality tools).
  • We look for visible and hidden inefficiencies based on a series of key indicators, such as the consumption of raw materials, general productivity and the most relevant economic ratios.


  • Due to the intrinsic nature of Hot-Dip Galvanizing, it is critical to develop strategies that lead to optimal leveling of plant production.
  • With Lean Galvanizing™ productivity is improved through an adaptation of Heijunka that allows your plant to take on more market, increasing performance and reducing delivery times.
  • SMED is applied to accelerate key processes as double immersion, centrifugation or reprocessing.
  • We introduce a production Kanban throughout the process, managing with supermarkets the stages that necessarily require work in process (WIP) to minimize it and adapt the planning with production control.
  • We make use of statistical control of the entire process in order to detect and correct any anomaly or waste.


  • Lean Galvanizing™ is characterized by a direct focus on continuous improvement. To achive this objective, we carry out as many Kaizen events in the plant as possible, always under the PDCA methodology (Deming cycle). Of course, we train all staff and implement continuous improvement tools in each event, standardizing this application methodology in the plant.


  • Lean Galvanizing™ introduces key indicators to obtain a correct and accurate picture of the operation of the entire plant at all times. Not only those related to productivity, delivery times, level of service, level of quality or versatility of the staff. We also observe all the indicators related to the process control parameters: consumption, production and quality.


  • We provide the most complete and in-depth training in the process of metallic coatings.
  • The training is totally practical and fit the different levels of knowledge of the workers: from the most intuitive and orientative to the most profound and extensive in knowledge.


  • Often referred to as a housekeeping-oriented activity, Lean Galvanizing™ implements this fundamental methodology through hands-on training for all personnel and an efficient and rigorous layered audit system. Just the correct start-up of the 5S improves the plant productivity drastically.


  • A critical step of Lean Galvanizing™ is the implementation of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) methodology, which involves all employees of the plant in the responsibility of maintaining equipment and machinery in optimal operating conditions.
  • We consider pretreatment baths as if they were machines with very special characteristics because they are chemical systems. Together with the rest of the teams, we proceed to the formation of improvement groups, implementation of autonomous maintenance, life cycle management, predictive maintenance, optimization of preventive maintenance, FMEA, criticality analysis, root cause analysis, OEE, etc.


  • We know that traditional strategies are imprecise and consumption and quality problems, the never ending story. By its very nature, metal coatings are non-normal processes and therefore subject to numerous sources of random variability. This is visibly reflected in the results.
  • Lean Galvanizing™ relies on Six Sigmastatistical and scientific tools for optimal process control and effective reduction of its intrinsic variability. In other words, measurable improvement in quality, reduction of process limits and, consequently, an effective reduction in consumption and a measurable improvement in productivity. Guaranteed.


  • Lean Galvanizing™ adapts Jidoka to the needs of a Hot-Dip Galvanizing plant seeking quality self-control and allowing stable control of the entire process, as opposed to the traditional quality system in which parts are inspected at the end of the process. For this, Six Sigma is used to fix and correct abnormal process conditions, investigate the root cause of them and implement corrective measures.
  • Andon and Poka-Yoke are implemented to control the conditions of each work area and detect failures before the non-conformities occur.


  • Lean Galvanizing™ allows the migration to the 4.0 paradigm through a real-time production management system (ERP/CRM), which allows you to improve the efficiency (OEE) and productivity of the processes since day one. This simple and powerful tool is capable of collecting large amounts of data and translating it into reports, charts and dashboards. At a single glance, and from any device or place, you can obtain complete information about the plant.
  • Its design is intuitive and highly visual, with no conflict with other systems already implemented. It is intended for all types of devices and manages the information in an encrypted manner.
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