Learn more about our Trading activities. Always for the benefit of your company and with the aim of obtaining improvements in profitability and operational efficiency.

We commercialize industrial equipment and raw materials for our clients in the metallic coating sectors. Our objective is to find economical and profitable alternatives to your supply needs. We work only with international manufacturers and suppliers with reputable guarantees, always maintaining legal and financial security, and minimizing the risk inherent in international trade. We take care of all the necessary compliance as well as logistics and financial negotiations.



  • Zinc Grades: Special High Grade (SHG) 99,99%-99,995%, High Grade (HG) 99,95%-99,99% y Prime Western (PWG) 98,5%. Always under the requirements specified by the ISO 752. All the grades referred to are suitable for general galvanizing. None is “secondary zinc”.


  • Aluminum (ingot). Minimum purity 99,7-99.9%. 20 Kg ingots
  • Aluminum (bar). Diameters: 5mm-300mm. Length: 2m, 4m, 5m, 6m or according to requirements.
  • Aluminum (foil). Available alloys (please consult). Thicknesses: 0,1 mm – 300 mm. Width: 500-2500 mm. Length: 800-12000 mm
  • Lead. Minimum purity 99.9%. 25 Kg ingots
  • Cadmium. Minimum purity 99.99%. 25 Kg ingots
  • Cupper (scrap). Minimum purity 99.9%. Packages of 1.000 Kg.
  • Cupper (cathods). Purity 99,97%-99,99%. 125 Kg sheets
  • Cupper (bar). Minimum purity 99,9%. Diameter: 4-500 mm.
  • Nickel (sheets). Minimum purity 99.97%
  • Tin. Grades: Sn99.99 Sn99.95 and Sn99.90. Ingots.
  • Antimony. Purity: 99.65%, 99.85% and 99.9%. Ingots.
  • Magnesium. Minimum Purity: 99.90%. 20 Kg ingots
Zn 99,995%
Thermal Spray



  • SX-600. Small size equipment, designed to be maneuvered in the field or in the project. Current limit: 400 A. High efficiency equipment and low energy consumption. Particle velocity greater than 420 m/s. Axial air velocity: 600 m/s. Deposition rate: 75%. With pure zinc or 80/20 or 85/15 zinc/aluminum wires. 2mm wire diameter
  • SX-1000. Medium-sized equipment to be maneuvered in the plant. Supersonic arc metallization. High efficiency and very low consumption technology. Current limit: 1000 A. Touch operating interface with PLC.


  • SX-5000/8000. Supersonic flame HVOF systems. Optimal performance. PLC modular control design. They operate with tungsten powder, nickel carbide, chromium and carbide, nickel and chromium alloy.


  • SX-80. Small and medium power plasma spray Near infrared radiation coating. Allows thermal powder spraying: aluminum oxide, chromium oxide, titanium oxide, zirconium oxide, and high-performance ceramic coating of molybdenum carbide.
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